About Hitech

Hitech Sections are extruded from latest Indian and imported machines with specialized die from high impact UV stabilized PVC compound as per Govt. approved specification, after taking care of defects and weaknesses prevailing in most of the section available in the market. Quality is maintained and upgraded with its quality assurance system. All of which have helped Hitech become a household and synonymous name in Building and Construction sector. Hitech Looks forward to serving a wider customer base with more and more sections.

Product highlights

  • Hitech sections are available in wide range of beautiful colours and design in various thickness, patterns and combinations
  • Water, Weather, borer and termite proof
  • No splitting, cracking, wraping or rotting.
  • 100% maintenance free, energy saver, heat and sound insulated, resulting in saving of regular maintenance and electricity expenses.
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Can be installed by conventional carpenters and hardware for any size, any design at any site as per our requirement and desire
  • High aesthetic appeal and reusability
  • Light weight and consistency in quality
  • Enduringly Elegant, Strong and Durable, means one time investment for lifetime of convenience
  • Most economical and competitive in comparison to wood, particle board, plywood and aluminum etc.


Fire Retardent

Easy Installation

Money Saver

Termite Proof

Water & Moisture Resistance

Chemical & Corrosion Resistance